Working with the rest of the team

Everyone brings something different to each project. We are fortunate in that we get to work with product-minded people who have a great understand of the tools and techniques for user research that makes for valuable and useful information. As developers, we need to think in these terms too and we need to be good at communicating our status, our thoughts and ideas to the rest of team.

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Being involved in research and design

As developers at Adaptive Lab, we're not satisfied with just being given a list of tasks in priority order to work through. We get more involved earlier on, being there during ideation and planning stages, representing the technical side of each project, which is usually one of the major factors.

Getting involved in user testing

For us, it's not enough to throw our work over the wall and move onto the next thing. We're interested in the results of our efforts and we like to understand what it is that can be done to make a product even better, after listening to real users and examining real usage data.

Adding analytics

Analytics are a must for any project, if we're to prove its success. A client may be happy with the work, but unless the right information is being tracked right from the start, they won't know if their customers feel the same. Every product and every service can be improved and refined over time - analytics are a vital starting point from which to do so.

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Volunteering technology insight

We're relied to bring technical insights that might help deliver benefits sooner, or to work out scoping such that time is spent on the most valuable features for the whole team to work on.

Delivering regularly

We plan meticulously, so we know what is possible to achieve in a sprint. As we're working, reality creeps in and gets in the way, but our agile methodology is designed to cope with change and to ensure that we can still have something good to show at the end of it. As developers it's our responsibility to know what's expected of us and to escalate any blockers that stand in the way of that.

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We implement automated continuous delivery at the start of each and every project, making it easy to see the current state of play on a staging platform and to ensure that whenever something is ready to go, it's on production as soon as required.

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