Our agile process

We take agile and lean development principles to heart. Although we thoroughly document the process here, it is organic; we'll attempt to ensure it stays up to date whenever there's a change in how we do things.

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Continuous integration and deployment


Git branching strategy

Working as part of a team of developers, we definitely need some consistency between how we commit, describe and merge our work together, as part of our complete development process.

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Sign-off, release and deployment strategy

Code is worthless until it's actually released to the public (or the client). But quality can suffer if it's done in a hurry and before everything is ready. That's why we've documented the procedure so that we can get this part as tight as we can.

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We use .editorconfig files for every project, which help tell your favourite editor how many spaces to use for tabs and what-not. But good and consistent code style is so much more that just spacing and syntax. We've documented some of the common design patterns that lead to more readable, more easily maintainable code.

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